Better design.



The perfect user interface should look good and work even better, taking advantage of  the virtue cycle based on uncovering problems through detailed research and solving them with a fully user centric approach. In short, creating bolder online experiences.


Life is about connection and UX is no different. Our day by day life is based on connecting with other people within a bigger and more complex system. And this thrive for achieving a better understanding of those connections and interactions has driven much of my personal research in neuroscience, neuropsychology, mindfulness and optimal human performance, as much as my professional career, as I believe that the role of UX Design is about finding the most efficient and flawless solutions to foster and promote those connections, focusing on a fully user centred approach throughout the product life cycle, leveraging technology, data, innovation, sense of aesthetics and usability.


UX focus.

There’s no style over substance here. I bring together form and the function to create something that looks good and performs brilliantly. Simple.

Users over ego. Always.

I believe that one of the most important skills for a UX designer is being able to get the ego out of the way and focus on pure user-centric approach.

Design thinking.

I am truly passionate about design thinking processes and workshops, as I believe they highly promote and  speed up cooperative problem solving and ideation phases.

Data is the king.

The basis of my focus to UX is about putting together as many data possible within the scope of the project, from stakeholders to users, so to cope business and usability requirements.

Agile and Lean.

It is all about sprints. Design fast, design smart, reiterate and improve.

Clean. Minimal. Simple.

Simple, minimal and effective. This is my mantra and method. Clean style, fuss-free interfaces and expert execution, design as it should be.


User Research.

I use various UX research techniques to gain an empathic understanding of the users mindset and needs.

Web Apps

Problem solving through visual impact. I cope products and users, design and experiences.

Mobile Apps

Using iOS, Android and an expert vision on interaction design, I take any application to the next level.


Beyond user experience, establishing a new thriving relationship with digital interfaces.

Virtual Reality

Immerse in fully sensory experiences.

Augmented Reality

Experience digitally in the context of reality.

Interaction Design

A world of gesture to add a new dimension to interaction.



Despite the fact that I am now fully focused on Product and UX Design, I have a successful past within the media sector, pioneering viral and social media marketing. If you are curious about what I had been doing during the 2000′, feel free to check it out.