With the aim of supporting the launch of the new M&S Loft furniture range, I collaborated with Visyon's team at the production of a stunning VR application to showcase the new product line.

Once with the glasses, the users were projected into a VR space, attended by Amy, a friendly avatar who had the job of guiding the user through the application. Once Amy had done introducing the app, the user was prompted to choose between differently styled lofts. The interaction was permitted through Leap Motion tracking device, so the users could see their own hand moving and interacting with the UI.  

Once in the selected loft, the user was able to decorate it using furniture from the M&S Loft range and, once finished, they were able to share a high res renders of their experience via a dedicated ipad application. 

The installation was toured twice in London (Waterloo Station and Spitafields Market) and Leeds (Trinity Shopping Mall).