I have collaborated alongside Visyon and Alzheimer Research UK to the development of a virtual reality app entitled “A Walk Through Dementia” that tells the story of a person affected by Alzheimer, showing the symptoms and emotions they suffer and how these affect their daily life. The story develops through 3 different scenarios (At the Supermarket, On the Road, At Home), and  each one has been produced with a different technique.

"At the Supermarket" is an interactive VR experience that talks about the issues related with memory, making difficult even the most simple actions of everyday life. The scenario, build in Unity, walks the user through a 3D modelled supermarket, where he can pick up the products on the shopping list and experience some of the most limiting symptoms of Alzheimer, like memory loss, difficulties in orientation and issues communicating with other people in stressful situations.  


"On the Road" is a filmed VR experience, where the symptoms are described with beautiful video FX, sound FX and top line storytelling, communicating the anxiety that alzheimer patients suffer when they need to face the way back home. 

"At Home" is instead a full CGI VR experience where the user can feel how overwhelming is, for an alzheimer patient, the task of preparing a cup of tea.

The scenarios where packaged up into a dedicated Android/Cardboards application and the app was presented at a fundraising event held at St Pancras Station in London.