I collaborated alongside DEEZER, SAE INSTITUTE, 3D sound lab INTORNO LABS and virtual reality studios VRSUS and 360VRBarcelona, on a new experiment combining live performances, multi-dimensional audio and virtual reality.


Two renowned artists were invited to perform at INTORNO's studio facility in Barcelona. They performed with Ableton Live, sending multi-track audio to INTORNO's core technology where individual sound elements were spatialised and moved around the space. This was achieved by using INTORNO's tools for spatialisation: a multitouch Space-Performance-Controller on iPadPro, a MaxForLive plugin running on Ableton Live and various MIDI controllers.


This immersive and multi-dimensional soundscape was played through the studio's spherical 29-channel sound system, a custom installation designed using Dante's audio networking protocol.


Both performances were recorded in Ambisonic format and filmed in virtual reality.